When you’re an international student, there are certain hurdles you must jump through when looking for internships or full-time jobs after graduation. Anson Tan, President of the University of San Francisco International Student Association and former Deloitte intern, joined Kelly O’Sullivan, Senior Talent Acquisition Associate at AlphaSights, to talk “dos and don’ts” for international student job seekers. In their conversation, they covered hot topics like:

  • How to find employers hiring for international students
  • What to keep in mind when job searching as an international student (e.g. special deadlines, visa sponsorship, etc.)
  • How to stand out on your application

Watch the full session below:

Make Your Resume Pop

By Giselle Frechette
Giselle Frechette Associate Director
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Find Mentors

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By Giselle Frechette
Giselle Frechette Associate Director
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How International Students Can Improve Their Chances of Getting H-1B Visas

With this year’s H-1B visa registration season well underway, we spoke with International Student Career Expert Marcelo Barros about what international students should be doing now, common mistakes students make when searching for U.S. employment, and what we can expect …

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A Day in the Life: Project Manager at an International Consulting Firm

6:00 AM: My alarm goes off, it's Monday morning. I take a few seconds to remember that I'm in Lyon, France, where I've just spent a terrific weekend with my girlfriend. I have to catch an 8:30 flight to Düsseldorf, …

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Job-Search Strategies for International Students Who Didn’t Win the 2022 H-1B Lottery

In the recent H-1B visa lottery, 483,927 applications were filed for only 85,000 available visas. This means that more than 80 percent of applicants wanting an H-1B visa, which allows internationals to work in the U.S., won’t get one.

To …

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